RGB amplifier applies to all the voltage-controlled LED controller in our company,it can receivesPWM(Pulse Width Modulation), each time add one RGB amplifier, the connecting number of led will be morethan twice, in theory, numerous RGB amplifiers can be connected.

Technical parameters
● working temperature: -20-60℃
● supply voltage: DC5V, 12V ,24V optional(Specify the required voltage on order form)
● output: 3 channels
● connection mode: common anode
● external dimension: L106.6ΧW65ΧH25mm
● packing size: L160ΧW95ΧH51mm
● net weight: 110g
● gross weight: 145g
● static power consumption: <1W
● output current: <4A(each channel)
● output power: 5V:<60W, 12V:<144W, 24V:<288W