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release time:2019-12-17publisher:G-NOR

G-NOR OPTOELECTRONICS CO. LTD (G-Nor) is the leader in Semiconductor LEDs. G-nor produces third generation energy-saving light semiconductor LED displays and high tech lighting products.  G-Nor specializes in the development, production, sales and service of this new technology. We have abundant raw natural resources which enable the development of our specialized platform to service our customers.

G-Nor’s business model is geared towards cultivating long lasting, sincere relationships. Our philosophy is structured around pragmatic innovation, premier customer support, and the highest quality products. G-Nor has invested in an unmatched research and development team.  G-Nor employs the best technical staff and the most experienced managers. Our staff’s combined years of experience provide them with unparalleled insight.

We offer a wide range of products from engineering solutions for various image projects to the development of unique information broadcast platforms. We prides ourselves on tailoring our products to your needs!